Year 6 Autumn 2017

6P ‘buddied up’ with Maple class to share a book called ‘The Green Ship’.
What can you see through your binoculars?

The children drew what they imagined they could see through their binoculars and then wrote stories about their ideas together.

Here they are sharing what they can see.

6P also performed their class assembly, based on the work they have studied this year so far.

Year 6 have been studying Traditional Tales and wrote their own version of a traditional tale. This was part of their class assembly.

For their book share, 6S ‘buddied up’ with Pear Tree class and shared the book called ‘The Whisperer’. The year 6 children noticed some similarities to the story of Romeo and Juliet.

They shared their ideas together and then filled in a speech bubble with their thoughts.

Their ideas were displayed in the classroom.

Hot-seating Grandma for the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

Children from both classes working hard on a cube investigation.