Nursery Spring Term 2

We began this half term thinking about travelling and transport.

We repaired cars in our garage and had a car wash outside which was great fun. The children wrote their own numberplates and decided which new car they would like to order!

We moved onto trains. The children planned different journeys, hole punched tickets and used flags to wave the trains off.

Next we thought about Space, reading the book Whatever Next and journeying to the moon.  A Planetarium visited school so that we could experience what it would be like in Space!

Science week in Nursery saw us experimenting and investigating.

We made volcanoes erupt with bicarb and vinegar. We made jelly to look closely at changes. We used salt and warm water to melt icy hands.

The children also investigated to see what happened when we tried to mix oil and water.

We dressed up for World Book Day and finished the term thinking about Easter and eggs with a Grand  Parade!