Nursery Summer 1

The first half of the Summer Term has been action- packed as usual.

We planted lots of seeds including cress, sunflower seeds and broad beans. We thought about what they needed to germinate and then watched them grow! We have also planted some potatoes which we will enjoy eating at the end of term. We enjoyed role play in our Garden Centre.

We talked about and tried lots of different fruits making our own exotic fruit salads. We read Handa’s Surprise.

We thought about how we could keep healthy. We made healthy wraps, talked about sleep and had a visitor who talked to us about the importance of looking after our teeth and how to brush them.

We then learnt about pets and their needs. We had a visiting Pets as Therapy dog, a guinea pig and Tommy the tortoise who loved dandelion leaves!  We took great care of pets in our Vet role play.

To finish the half term we had a wonderful Nursery visit to Pettitts where we met and handled more animals, including Bearded Dragons.

Lots of learning and lots of fun!