Year 2 Spring Term Part 1

Year 2 have enjoyed their learning this half term. We have been busy learning our two, five and ten times tables as well as exploring algorithms as part of our computing work. We have loved writing our dragon stories, making our shields and being creative with paint!

Year 3 Spring Term Part 1

Our main enquiry this term was about Healthy Living. We did lots of Science, learning about the functions of muscles and bones, then we moved on to learn about nutrition. We made our own bread and healthy sandwiches.

Then, we became geologists! We sorted rocks according to their properties and learned about how soil is made. We investigated to see which soil drained best.

As part of our literacy unit on Authors and Letters, we did lots of work about Roald Dahl. We held a special Roald Dahl Day where everyone came dressed as different characters, did some crafting and made cakes and sweets linked to the books.

It’s been a packed half term!

Year 6 Spring Term Part 1

We have had a great start to this year and have done lots of interesting homework.

We have all been working hard in our reading comprehension lessons. We are practising our skills and using evidence from the text to support our answers.

In science, we had several challenges to complete. Can we light a bulb? Can we make it brighter? Can we have two bulbs and turn one bulb on and one bulb off? We had to make sure that all our connections were secure.

We have enjoyed creating our own Horrible Histories presentations about The Mayans. It has involved a lot of research and co-operative group work. We have also designed and made Mayan masks.

Year 4 Spring Term Part 1

This half term we have been focusing on measurement in Maths and on Sound in Enquiry. The children followed a QR code trail which practised measuring area and perimeter and running about outside with the iPads. In Sound we have made instruments for homework and in class made paper bangers and straw oboes. Essentially, we have done lots of noisy running about.

Year 6 Autumn Enquiry

Year 6 enjoy being Active 15 leaders. They help to make up the exercise routines and demonstrate the importance of warming up and cooling down before and after exercises. The whole of key stage 2 now enjoy the benefits of 15 minutes’ vigorous exercise each morning before they settle down to a hard day’s learning.

We have also enjoyed making our puppet theatres using our skills to design and create a working puppet theatre. The children have then had to adapt a playscript for Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. The project culminates with a special performance to their Reception buddies.

The term finished with our traditional Christmas parties when it was good to play some games and enjoy some delicious party food.

What a busy start to the year!

Year 1 Animals Enquiry

This half term we finished our work learning about animals and finding the answer to the question ‘What do animals need to be happy and healthy?’

Our enquiry finished with our Habitat Exhibition. Every worked hard on designing and making a habitat for their chosen animal. They also did some amazing writing sharing all that they had learnt about their animal. The exhibition went really well and it was great to see so many people coming to see the finished products.

Year 4 Autumn Enquiry

Year 4 have been learning about electric circuits and their work culminated in designing and building a Christmas tree decoration using LEDs (and some unauthorised motorised buggies).