Nursery Spring Term 2

We began this half term thinking about travelling and transport.

We repaired cars in our garage and had a car wash outside which was great fun. The children wrote their own numberplates and decided which new car they would like to order!

We moved onto trains. The children planned different journeys, hole punched tickets and used flags to wave the trains off.

Next we thought about Space, reading the book Whatever Next and journeying to the moon.  A Planetarium visited school so that we could experience what it would be like in Space!

Science week in Nursery saw us experimenting and investigating.

We made volcanoes erupt with bicarb and vinegar. We made jelly to look closely at changes. We used salt and warm water to melt icy hands.

The children also investigated to see what happened when we tried to mix oil and water.

We dressed up for World Book Day and finished the term thinking about Easter and eggs with a Grand  Parade!

Year 6 Spring Term 2018

Year 6 have had a busy but fun start to 2018. We made puppet theatres just before Christmas and wrote our own version of ‘A Christmas Carol.’ It was with great excitement that we then performed our plays to other year groups. It was important for the children to have a real audience and to see how their scripts worked.

We have been revising geometry in maths so have been creating 3D shapes in order to work out their nets. We could work in pairs so we could share ideas. We also ensured that we measured accurately with a protractor.

Year 5 Spring Term 2018

Year 5 have had an extremely active half term: we started with a pizza box!

This enquiry led us to explore fractions with a pizza theme. We designed pizzas, ate pizzas and created our own pizza delivery firm.

This was followed by science investigations related to materials, their properties and uses.

We made towers to support eggs, bridges to hold the greatest weight, an umbrella to keep a toy dry. Following on from this, we looked at reversible and irreversible changes (AKA cooking and chocolate eating!)

Developing this theme of materials, we moved on to explore Forces. Gravity, air and water resistance were investigated by activities involving the design and construction of   aeroplanes and boats.

Year 3 Spring Term 2018

Year 3 have been learning about keeping fit and healthy this term. We have book looking at the importance of eating a balanced diet and what different foods do for our bodies. We were lucky enough to have visits from two experts! We learnt all about X-rays and scans from a radiologist and helped make and taste Shrek Juice (a green smoothie).

In our PE sessions, we have been improving our fitness with circuit training. We have also been learning how to show balance and coordination in our gymnastics lessons.

We have studied the life and works of the popular author Roald Dahl and have investigated why his stories are so good! We have also learnt how to write a formal letter and have written to our own favourite authors.

In Art, we have thought about how colour can affect emotions and have studied the colour field work of the abstract artist Mark Rothko. We produced collaborative paintings to express different moods.

Year 2 Spring Term 2018

This half termYear 2 have been busy writing their own fairytale of Sleeping Beauty after our visit to the pantomime in January. We did some drama imagining what it would be like at the celebration feast. In addition to this we have learnt about refugees through the Paddington story. We had great fun pretending our school canteen was a cinema! We supported the charity Teddy’s Trust this term by donating an old bear to send to child in need. Our story made the newspaper! In our maths work this term we have been learning to divide and multiply, recalling our two, fives and tens time’s tables. We loved using the ipads to scan QR codes and solve shape clues. We have been busy!

Year 4 Spring Term 2018

So far in the Spring term, we have been measuring things with rulers and tape measures, investigating sound and musical instruments, running about doing maths trails using QR codes and iPads, painting like Picasso in his blue period and writing playscripts.

Nursery Spring Term 2018

We have had another busy and enjoyable half term here at Nursery!

The children started off by thinking about cold climates. We found out all about penguins and made some lovely shape penguins with moveable flippers.

The children then learnt about the Arctic and polar bears.

Following this, we have had a great time reading and acting out traditional stories. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears involved lots of porridge oats and ordering by size as well as cooking flapjacks.

We built houses both inside and out for the 3 Little Pigs from recycled materials and waffle blocks.

The children have thought about positional language and sound effects for The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, as well as lots of trip trapping over bridges.

We have all loved it!