Year 1 Performance Poetry

We had read and joined in with nursery rhymes.

We then worked with a partner to put actions to our rhymes.

We had great fun using the ipads to record our performances!

Year 2 Summer 1

What a busy term it has been! We enjoyed our visit to Norwich Synagogue and found out so much about the Jewish faith. We got to try on a Kippah and prayer shawl and eat some delicious bread. We had some Jewish artefacts to explore and used them to have a wedding. It has been very exciting learning about The Great Fire of London and we told the story using drama. We also made fleas that were eye witnesses to the fire.


Year 6 Freeze Frames

The summer term enquiry for year 6 is World Ward 2. The children listened to the theme music from the film Schindler’s List. They created a freeze frame about how the music made them feel.

The children created a word bank full of vocabulary describing their feelings.

They created a short drama about how they interpreted the music.

A freeze frame photograph was taken of the drama.

Some of the children created their drama around the war.

Some children felt that the music evoked feelings of sadness.

Here the girls are pleading for their lives!

This picture shows the sadness that the children felt.

House Challenge across Key Stages 1 and 2

The House challenge is to create a flower bed and the children have been working hard to clear the weeds.

Each house has their own plot.  Golly it’s been hard work pulling up the weeds.

At least the sun was shining while we worked hard!

Year 5 Summer 1

We have had a busy time in Year 5.In Maths we have worked hard making cocktails whilst practising our measuring and proportion skills. We have also learnt about squared and cubed numbers. Learning about Peru has been a highlight, and we tasted avocado, quinoa and Peruvian potatoes. A major project this term has been to write our own Borrowers’ story and make a house for them. We enjoyed sharing our work with Year1.