Nursery – First Half of the Summer Term

We started the new term off by thinking about growing things. We planted cress, beans and sunflowers. We have planted the sunflowers in the Nursery garden so we can watch them grow. We talked about the things a plant needs to grown and read lots of stories about growing, such as The Tiny Seed, Jasper’s Beanstalk and Eddie’s Garden. We also read the books Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Oliver’s Vegetables. We made our own fruit salads, trying some new fruits along the way. Some we liked and some we didn’t; lots of us weren’t too sure about the taste of lime! We also made our own wraps, thinking about making healthy choices and trying to include lots of vegetables. After talking about healthy eating we then thought about other ways to stay healthy. We talked about keeping our teeth healthy, getting lots of sleep and doing exercise. We all loved trying out some new exercises in the garden and also in P.E. We found out how our bodies change as we exercise; listening to our breathing and feeling our hearts beating faster. We finished off this half term thinking about animals and going on a trip to Thrigby Hall to see them in real life. Everyone enjoyed seeing the animals and spending time with their friends.

Nursery Spring Term Part 2

We began the half term with a Transport theme.  We all enjoyed spending time role playing in the Garage, buying, repairing and writing number plates for cars. Outside, the children helped to set up a Car Wash and then set to work with their sponges and soapy water! We gathered information about how we travel to Nursery and talked about our findings. We looked carefully at wheeled vehicles and painted pictures as well as using recycled materials to make models.

Next, we thought about trains and enjoyed train role play, selling and punching tickets, jumping aboard the train, waving flags and taking turns to be the engine driver. Many of the children were interested in routes and maps, thinking about where they would like to travel to.

We also brought a kayak into Nursery and put on life jackets as we set off on journeys down rivers and across the sea in our role play area. There were plenty of rescue scenarios and we enjoyed listening to the story of Captain Duck. We read Noah’s Ark and solved problems about the animals.

Science Week was a time to question, investigate and explore. We created volcanoes, made raisins dance, explored how balloons could travel along string, fired paper rockets and made spinning helicopters. We thought about how we could make cars move along a track using a magnetic force.

We finished the term thinking about hats, eggs and Easter. We enjoyed Easter egg hunts with the older children and made chocolate nests and Easter Bonnets, finishing with a Grand Parade. Happy Easter!

Nursery Autumn 2018

We started our new year together by thinking about our families and finding out about each other by sharing our All About Me books.

We loved listening to the story Owl Babies and thinking about this family. We found out about owls and made our own!

We moved onto a Colours theme with lots of exciting activities.

We read Blue Kangaroo books and made blueberry muffins. We hopped into green week, making frogs and green jelly. We then had a fun and informative visit from a firefighter during red week.

After half term we thought about Autumn and all the changes. We went on a walk and made our own Autumn hangings. We made delicious apple crumbles with organic apples.

Next we learnt about hedgehogs and hibernation. We made clay and bread hedgehogs.

We spent time in our woodland area making dens and sitting in them.

We have loved getting ready for Christmas, performing our Nativity play and making beautiful cards with plenty of sparkle and glitter!

Another wonderful term together.

Nursery Summer 1

The first half of the Summer Term has been action- packed as usual.

We planted lots of seeds including cress, sunflower seeds and broad beans. We thought about what they needed to germinate and then watched them grow! We have also planted some potatoes which we will enjoy eating at the end of term. We enjoyed role play in our Garden Centre.

We talked about and tried lots of different fruits making our own exotic fruit salads. We read Handa’s Surprise.

We thought about how we could keep healthy. We made healthy wraps, talked about sleep and had a visitor who talked to us about the importance of looking after our teeth and how to brush them.

We then learnt about pets and their needs. We had a visiting Pets as Therapy dog, a guinea pig and Tommy the tortoise who loved dandelion leaves!  We took great care of pets in our Vet role play.

To finish the half term we had a wonderful Nursery visit to Pettitts where we met and handled more animals, including Bearded Dragons.

Lots of learning and lots of fun!

Nursery Spring Term 2

We began this half term thinking about travelling and transport.

We repaired cars in our garage and had a car wash outside which was great fun. The children wrote their own numberplates and decided which new car they would like to order!

We moved onto trains. The children planned different journeys, hole punched tickets and used flags to wave the trains off.

Next we thought about Space, reading the book Whatever Next and journeying to the moon.  A Planetarium visited school so that we could experience what it would be like in Space!

Science week in Nursery saw us experimenting and investigating.

We made volcanoes erupt with bicarb and vinegar. We made jelly to look closely at changes. We used salt and warm water to melt icy hands.

The children also investigated to see what happened when we tried to mix oil and water.

We dressed up for World Book Day and finished the term thinking about Easter and eggs with a Grand  Parade!

Nursery Spring Term 2018

We have had another busy and enjoyable half term here at Nursery!

The children started off by thinking about cold climates. We found out all about penguins and made some lovely shape penguins with moveable flippers.

The children then learnt about the Arctic and polar bears.

Following this, we have had a great time reading and acting out traditional stories. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears involved lots of porridge oats and ordering by size as well as cooking flapjacks.

We built houses both inside and out for the 3 Little Pigs from recycled materials and waffle blocks.

The children have thought about positional language and sound effects for The 3 Billy Goats Gruff, as well as lots of trip trapping over bridges.

We have all loved it!

Nursery Autumn Term first half 2017

In Nursery we have spent lots of time settling in to our new surroundings and making new friends. We have talked about our families. We have shared photos of them and talked about the things we like to do with our families. We have just started a theme based around colours and have so far enjoyed lots of green activities such as making lime jelly, painting green pictures and learning all about frogs. Next week we are looking forward to an exciting visit from a fire fighter during red week!