Year 6 trip to Caythorpe – Day 1

All happy and healthy. All settled in their tents and some even showered before football in pyjamas.
Probably the shortest night of the year…
Looking forward to busy day of extreme activity tomorrow (and more sleep)

Year 6 – First Half of the Summer Term

After all our hard work during SATs, year 6 visited Crucial Crew at The Space in Sprowston.  This is an interactive safety iniative aimed at 10 – 11 year olds. It comprised of eight theatre-style sets that recreated situations of crime and danger. The idea is to raise awareness of what they can do to increase their own and others safety.

In class we have discussed the visit and produced an information leaflet highlighting the myths and facts about drugs and alcohol.

Nursery – First Half of the Summer Term

We started the new term off by thinking about growing things. We planted cress, beans and sunflowers. We have planted the sunflowers in the Nursery garden so we can watch them grow. We talked about the things a plant needs to grown and read lots of stories about growing, such as The Tiny Seed, Jasper’s Beanstalk and Eddie’s Garden. We also read the books Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Oliver’s Vegetables. We made our own fruit salads, trying some new fruits along the way. Some we liked and some we didn’t; lots of us weren’t too sure about the taste of lime! We also made our own wraps, thinking about making healthy choices and trying to include lots of vegetables. After talking about healthy eating we then thought about other ways to stay healthy. We talked about keeping our teeth healthy, getting lots of sleep and doing exercise. We all loved trying out some new exercises in the garden and also in P.E. We found out how our bodies change as we exercise; listening to our breathing and feeling our hearts beating faster. We finished off this half term thinking about animals and going on a trip to Thrigby Hall to see them in real life. Everyone enjoyed seeing the animals and spending time with their friends.

Year 3 – First Half of the Summer Term

Our DT enquiry this term was all about pneumatic systems! We used syringes and tubing, along with junk materials, to design and make moving monster toys. This involved developing our problem solving skills and teamwork. We ended our enquiry with an open afternoon for our parents, who enjoyed coming to see our working models.

Year 4 – First Half of the Summer Term

Amongst other things Year 4 have been trying to depict water using a variety of media.

We have also done some statistics using packets of fruit pastilles. We sorted and counted the colours and tried to work out what was likely to be in the unopened packet. Unfortunately no one guessed correctly and won the fruit pastilles so the teachers had to eat the entire mystery packet themselves.

Year 6 and Science Week

Year 6 have been studying the journey of blood. We began by making blood smoothies to understand that it is made up of four different components. We also carried out two investigations with skittles and jelly worms so that we could understand how food particles and water are absorbed by the body. Our final investigation was to find our resting pulse and see how it was affected by exercise and then cooling down. We enjoyed supporting our buddies with this activity.

Year 4 – Romans and Science

Science week arrived in the middle of our Romans Enquiry so we tried out some science the Romans would have known.

We dyed some cloth using vegetables- spinach made green, turmeric made yellow and orange when you added bicarbonate of soda, red cabbage made purple which became blue with bicarb and red with vinegar- a pretty smelly business.

We tried out wax tablets for writing on and watched as wax melted and then solidified.

We extracted salt crystals from salty water by evaporating the water off.

AND we had a visit from a Roman time traveller- Lucius Maximus (Nigel Amies)- who brought loads of artefacts and knowledge which he shared with both classes. He also made them march a bit.