Year 2 Spring Term Part 2

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about animal habitats as part of their science enquiry. We had great fun during science week where we made bridges, made paper mice fly as well as lifting up paper newts using balloons.  We enjoyed working in small groups across both classes to create our woodlands dance.

Year 2 Spring Term Part 1

Year 2 have enjoyed their learning this half term. We have been busy learning our two, five and ten times tables as well as exploring algorithms as part of our computing work. We have loved writing our dragon stories, making our shields and being creative with paint!

Year 2 Autumn Enquiry

In our enquiry this work this term we have been learning about plastic pollution as part of our science work on materials. During this enquiry we have learnt about different properties of materials and why materials are chosen for specific purposes.We discovered how plastic is damaging the environment and is a threat to the ocean. We have written letters to all our local supermarkets to encourage them to use less plastic. We enjoyed performing our Christmas play at the church and showing all our fantastic work at our homework exhibition.

Year 2 Autumn 2018

This term we have been busy practising our Year 2 maths skills as well as our handwriting. We have also been thinking of different ways you can partition a number into tens and ones.

In our enquiry work we have been learning about journeys. As part of this work we have been looking at maps to see if we can identify the continents of the world and the countries of the United Kingdom. We ended our enquiry with a super homework exhibition where we all completed a project to share with the parents.

Year 2 Summer 1

What a busy term it has been! We enjoyed our visit to Norwich Synagogue and found out so much about the Jewish faith. We got to try on a Kippah and prayer shawl and eat some delicious bread. We had some Jewish artefacts to explore and used them to have a wedding. It has been very exciting learning about The Great Fire of London and we told the story using drama. We also made fleas that were eye witnesses to the fire.


Year 2 Spring Term 2018

This half termYear 2 have been busy writing their own fairytale of Sleeping Beauty after our visit to the pantomime in January. We did some drama imagining what it would be like at the celebration feast. In addition to this we have learnt about refugees through the Paddington story. We had great fun pretending our school canteen was a cinema! We supported the charity Teddy’s Trust this term by donating an old bear to send to child in need. Our story made the newspaper! In our maths work this term we have been learning to divide and multiply, recalling our two, fives and tens time’s tables. We loved using the ipads to scan QR codes and solve shape clues. We have been busy!

Year 2 Autumn 2017

This half term Year 2 have been learning about changes. We began our enquiry thinking about Rosa Parks. We learnt that she was a civil rights activist who was brave enough to stand up for what she believed in. We acted out the story of the day she was arrested, thinking about how she must have felt.

We have enjoyed learning some new gymnastic shapes in our REAL GYM lessons too. We have learnt how to perform five new shapes called Star, Straight, Tuck, Dish and Arch. We enjoyed our Book Buddy sessions with our Year 4 classes too. We have also been using different materials to make boats and test whether they float or not. We have been very busy preparing and performing our Christmas play.


Year 2 Autumn Term first half 2017

Year 2 have been busy this half term. We have begun our enquiry on journeys, which included a visit to the local church, as well as taking part in Inspirational Maths Week. We have also been learning about “participation” and why it is important to participate in school.