Year 3 – First Half of the Summer Term

Our DT enquiry this term was all about pneumatic systems! We used syringes and tubing, along with junk materials, to design and make moving monster toys. This involved developing our problem solving skills and teamwork. We ended our enquiry with an open afternoon for our parents, who enjoyed coming to see our working models.

Year 3 Spring Term Part 2

Another busy half term!

Our enquiry has been all about Prehistoric Britain. We have learnt about the lives of the people of Britain during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We had a fantastic trip to Norwich Castle Museum to learn how to be an archaeologist, how Neolithic people hunted and cooked their food and did some Bronze Age weaving.

We also had a fun-filled Science Week with lots of experiments. We learnt to think like Scientists!

Year 3 Spring Term Part 1

Our main enquiry this term was about Healthy Living. We did lots of Science, learning about the functions of muscles and bones, then we moved on to learn about nutrition. We made our own bread and healthy sandwiches.

Then, we became geologists! We sorted rocks according to their properties and learned about how soil is made. We investigated to see which soil drained best.

As part of our literacy unit on Authors and Letters, we did lots of work about Roald Dahl. We held a special Roald Dahl Day where everyone came dressed as different characters, did some crafting and made cakes and sweets linked to the books.

It’s been a packed half term!

Year 3 Autumn Enquiry

Year 3 have been Ancient Greeks this term! We have learned loads about why we still remember the Greeks and what they have done that still impacts our lives today. We had a Greek making morning where we made clay pots and theatre masks. We have also learnt about the Ancient Olympics and gave a series of lively presentations to decide “Athens vs. Sparta – Which City State Is Best?”

We had lots of fun helping to run the Children In Need fair in the hall, where we had games and cakes on offer. We also enjoyed Pudsey maths.

In our Geography enquiry lessons we have been learning all about our European neighbours. We took part in a team challenge to research a European country and produce a poster showing what we had learnt.

Year 3 Autumn 2018

Year 3 began with an enquiry called “What makes clothes fit for purpose?” We read books with clothes as a focus and then in groups designed and made our own new uniforms for people including astronauts, waiters, schoolchildren, etc. We ended the enquiry with a Year 3 fashion show!

In Maths we have been working on place value and used a variety of equipment to show that we understand Hundreds, Tens and Units.

We held a “Cupcakes and Cocktails” afternoon in aid of MacMillan. We made our own fruity cocktails and invited our parents in to share them.

We have been learning how to use different pencil grades to create tone and texture in our sketching.

Year 3 Summer 1

This half term, Year 3 have been geologists. We have studied volcanoes and how they erupt, and made our own volcano models and caused eruptions by mixing chemicals.

We then learnt about different types of rocks and how they are formed, and conducted some scientific experiments to find out about the properties of different types of soil.

We had lots of fun studying William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, particularly concentrating on the fight scene at the beginning. We went outside to re-enact the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

We have continued to use the iPads to help us with our work. This half term we particularly enjoyed using the coding app Scratch Jr.

Year 3 Spring Term 2018

Year 3 have been learning about keeping fit and healthy this term. We have book looking at the importance of eating a balanced diet and what different foods do for our bodies. We were lucky enough to have visits from two experts! We learnt all about X-rays and scans from a radiologist and helped make and taste Shrek Juice (a green smoothie).

In our PE sessions, we have been improving our fitness with circuit training. We have also been learning how to show balance and coordination in our gymnastics lessons.

We have studied the life and works of the popular author Roald Dahl and have investigated why his stories are so good! We have also learnt how to write a formal letter and have written to our own favourite authors.

In Art, we have thought about how colour can affect emotions and have studied the colour field work of the abstract artist Mark Rothko. We produced collaborative paintings to express different moods.

Year 3 Autumn 2017

Year 3 have had an exciting half term. Our Enquiry work has centred around Ancient Greece. We learned how the city states of Sparta and Athens had very different ways of life and held our own Sparta vs Athens debate. We enjoyed making Greek masks and clay pots.

We had lots of fun helping raise money for Children in Need. At the fair, Year 3 ran stalls with games and also sold cakes. We all took turns to be the stallholders, as well as enjoying the activities ourselves.

In preparation for making picture frames in D&T, we investigated free-standing structures. We then worked hard to make our own using paper and construction kits.

Year 3 Autumn Term first half 2017

Year 3 have had a fun start to the year! We started by designing, making and displaying our own versions of a new uniform for different people. We put on a fashion show in the hall to show off our designs.

We then had a great Week of Inspirational Maths and worked on lots of fun and challenging problems.

We enjoyed welcoming our parents and carers to see our new hall and to sample our Crazy Cocktails. We raised £122.62 for MacMillan by drinking cocktails and eating delicious cakes!