Year 4 – First Half of the Summer Term

Amongst other things Year 4 have been trying to depict water using a variety of media.

We have also done some statistics using packets of fruit pastilles. We sorted and counted the colours and tried to work out what was likely to be in the unopened packet. Unfortunately no one guessed correctly and won the fruit pastilles so the teachers had to eat the entire mystery packet themselves.

Year 4 – Romans and Science

Science week arrived in the middle of our Romans Enquiry so we tried out some science the Romans would have known.

We dyed some cloth using vegetables- spinach made green, turmeric made yellow and orange when you added bicarbonate of soda, red cabbage made purple which became blue with bicarb and red with vinegar- a pretty smelly business.

We tried out wax tablets for writing on and watched as wax melted and then solidified.

We extracted salt crystals from salty water by evaporating the water off.

AND we had a visit from a Roman time traveller- Lucius Maximus (Nigel Amies)- who brought loads of artefacts and knowledge which he shared with both classes. He also made them march a bit.

Year 4 Spring Term Part 1

This half term we have been focusing on measurement in Maths and on Sound in Enquiry. The children followed a QR code trail which practised measuring area and perimeter and running about outside with the iPads. In Sound we have made instruments for homework and in class made paper bangers and straw oboes. Essentially, we have done lots of noisy running about.

Year 4 Autumn Enquiry

Year 4 have been learning about electric circuits and their work culminated in designing and building a Christmas tree decoration using LEDs (and some unauthorised motorised buggies).

Year 4 Autumn 2018

In year 4 we have been busy creating imaginary worlds as settings for a story we are writing. These boys are drawing a large map of their world.

In PE we have been trying out different ways of travelling, matching and mirroring. We have now introduced equipment into the lessons as well.

In Enquiry we have been looking at Habitats and Food Chains. We went on a bug hunt (carefully putting back any creatures we found) and Mrs Gutteridge found us a newt.

Under a rock
We found a nute
He isn’t a bug
But he is quite cewt

Year 4 Spring Term 2018

So far in the Spring term, we have been measuring things with rulers and tape measures, investigating sound and musical instruments, running about doing maths trails using QR codes and iPads, painting like Picasso in his blue period and writing playscripts.

Year 4 Autumn 2017

We have had a very busy half term in year 4!

Our Literacy has been based around creating our own imaginary stories. We spent a lot of time in groups designing our imaginary worlds, which really helped develop our story writing process.

Children in Need was a great success – the children worked brilliantly together coming up with ideas for their stalls. They created and ran a brilliant ‘Guess the name of the teddy bear’ and ‘Treasure map’ game – raising lots of money!

In PE we continued developing our Netball and Korfball skills ending the sessions with a mini house tournament!

We continued with our ‘Childhood in the 1950s and 60s’ Enquiry – finishing it off with creating and playing our very own old-fashioned board games! Eventually we moved onto electricity, making series circuits and testing out which materials are conductors of electricity.

In Computing we have been coding using Turtle.

Year 4 Korfball Tournament

On Friday 23rd June, the Year 4 korfball teams went to the Summer tournament at The Hewett Academy. Everyone behaved well and everyone played well. True to form, Hillside won again and eventually drew in first place to share the shield with Colman. Unfortunately, due to transport difficulties, we could not stay for the presentation but we will be arranging to show off the shield in an assembly between now and the end of term.