Year 6 trip to Caythorpe – Day 4

Last day…
more climbing, buggy building, flying trapeze and quad biking.
Lots of children got personal bests and challenged themselves.
After tea, campfire, singing and dancing and toasted marshmallows!
Time to start packing and saying goodbye.

Year 6 trip to Caythorpe – Day 1

All happy and healthy. All settled in their tents and some even showered before football in pyjamas.
Probably the shortest night of the year…
Looking forward to busy day of extreme activity tomorrow (and more sleep)

Year 6 – First Half of the Summer Term

After all our hard work during SATs, year 6 visited Crucial Crew at The Space in Sprowston.  This is an interactive safety iniative aimed at 10 – 11 year olds. It comprised of eight theatre-style sets that recreated situations of crime and danger. The idea is to raise awareness of what they can do to increase their own and others safety.

In class we have discussed the visit and produced an information leaflet highlighting the myths and facts about drugs and alcohol.

Year 6 and Science Week

Year 6 have been studying the journey of blood. We began by making blood smoothies to understand that it is made up of four different components. We also carried out two investigations with skittles and jelly worms so that we could understand how food particles and water are absorbed by the body. Our final investigation was to find our resting pulse and see how it was affected by exercise and then cooling down. We enjoyed supporting our buddies with this activity.

Year 6 Spring Term Part 1

We have had a great start to this year and have done lots of interesting homework.

We have all been working hard in our reading comprehension lessons. We are practising our skills and using evidence from the text to support our answers.

In science, we had several challenges to complete. Can we light a bulb? Can we make it brighter? Can we have two bulbs and turn one bulb on and one bulb off? We had to make sure that all our connections were secure.

We have enjoyed creating our own Horrible Histories presentations about The Mayans. It has involved a lot of research and co-operative group work. We have also designed and made Mayan masks.

Year 6 Autumn Enquiry

Year 6 enjoy being Active 15 leaders. They help to make up the exercise routines and demonstrate the importance of warming up and cooling down before and after exercises. The whole of key stage 2 now enjoy the benefits of 15 minutes’ vigorous exercise each morning before they settle down to a hard day’s learning.

We have also enjoyed making our puppet theatres using our skills to design and create a working puppet theatre. The children have then had to adapt a playscript for Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. The project culminates with a special performance to their Reception buddies.

The term finished with our traditional Christmas parties when it was good to play some games and enjoy some delicious party food.

What a busy start to the year!

Year 6 korfballers have taken on a new role as coaches to years 4 and 5

The children had to apply for the post and explain what skills they could bring to the training sessions. We have been extremely impressed. They come prepared with ideas for drills and games and organise themselves and the children into groups. They have shown considerable patience with explaining what they need to do.

Year 6 at the Performing Arts Morning at Thorpe High School

As part of our transition programme with Thorpe, the year 6 children visited the High School to have a taster of music, dance and drama lessons. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to experience moving between sites, experiencing lessons and meeting children from other schools.