In order to reinforce their learning, children are asked to undertake further activities at home. The support of parents with such activities often has a significant impact on their child’s progress so we do ask parents to get involved when they can.

In Reception, suggestions of activities are displayed on the notice board in the entrance for parents to do with their children. Later in the year sounds are sent home to practise and also reading books.

In Key Stage 1 reading books are sent home and children are encouraged to read daily. Words are also given to children regularly to learn to recognise. On other occasions, mathematical investigations or activities to support other areas of the curriculum may be set.

In Key Stage 2 children are also encouraged to read daily at home and this is recorded in a reading record book. In addition, more formal homework activities will be set, these will usually be Maths or English activities but on other occasions, pupils may be asked to research another area of the curriculum or prepare for some other aspect of their work in class.