Medicines and Emergency Contact

If your child has an accident during the day someone with a first aid qualification will treat them. We will send a note home with your child to let you know about their injury. In the case of a bump to the head or more significant injury we will try to contact you by phone.

It is essential that school holds an up to date address and telephone number where you or another responsible adult can be contacted in an emergency. Please ensure that this information is given on the Admission Form and notify the class teacher/office of any changes.

Parents are encouraged to come in to school and administer any medicines necessary to allow a child to return to school. If you are unable to come into school to administer medicine to your child, office staff are able to do it for you as long as the medicine has been prescribed by a doctor, is in the original container and you have completed and signed the necessary consent form.

Some infectious illnesses have exclusion periods. Please ask the school office for advice.

Asthma inhalers are kept in the child’s classroom. It is for parents to make sure that inhalers are within date and contain sufficient medication. Parents also need to make sure they have filled in an asthma form from the school office.