Charging Policy

It is the school’s objective that a full range of activities to enrich the curriculum should take place and that no child should be prohibited from taking part in these activities for financial reasons.

Music Tuition

Parents will be asked to make a contribution to the costs of lessons taken by peripatetic music staff. This contribution will cover the cost of hire and routine maintenance of music instruments, and also help to defray the teaching costs involved. The school will also subsidise this teaching cost from its general fund.

Materials used in Craft and Home Studies

These items will be funded from School Funds. Parents are invited to contribute towards the cost of items to be taken home and retained by the child. The contribution will be no more than the cost of ingredients or materials for that particular item.

Educational Day Visits and Journeys in School Time

Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution to cover the costs of each visit.

Residential Visits

These will be offered with the cost broken down into:-

(a)  Board and lodging, which will be charged at cost per pupil.

(b) Transport, Insurance, Staff Accommodation and Admission Costs, for which parents will be asked to make a voluntary contribution

The school would not wish any child to be prevented from taking part in a Residential Visit for financial reasons. Families who are entitled to Free School Meals may be able to get assistance to meet the costs. Please speak to the headteacher about this.

Voluntary Contributions

Where voluntary contributions are sought for any of the above activities, there is no obligation on parents to contribute. No pupil will be omitted from, or treated differently during, an activity according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution. However, many of these activities will not go ahead, or will be reduced, if sufficient voluntary contributions are not made.


  •  Where money is collected for a day visit and the pupil is unwell and unable to attend, the money will be refunded in full.
  • Where payment is made for a residential trip and the pupil is unable to go, monies will be refunded except for those amounts held as deposit by a travel company. Where a residential trip costs in excess of £100, a request for a refund can be made by the parent to the Insurance Company. The insurers will require medical evidence to support the claim.
  • Where the total cost of a residential trip is less than the monies collected, the surplus (where this exceeds £5.00 each) will be shared between the parents of those pupils going on the visit.
  • No refunds will be made for music lessons cancelled unless the total number of lessons available in any school year falls below 30. Where a number of weeks are lost and the total available is less than 30 an adjustment to fees will be made in the following school year.