Year 3

Year 3 Autumn 2017

Year 3 have had an exciting half term. Our Enquiry work has centred around Ancient Greece. We learned how the city states of Sparta and Athens had very different ways of life and held our own Sparta vs Athens debate. We enjoyed making Greek masks and clay pots. We had lots of fun helping raise … Read more

Year 3 Autumn Term first half 2017

Year 3 have had a fun start to the year! We started by designing, making and displaying our own versions of a new uniform for different people. We put on a fashion show in the hall to show off our designs. We then had a great Week of Inspirational Maths and worked on lots of … Read more

Year 3 had an enjoyable day at How Hill

Year 3 Trip to the Castle

As part of our History Enquiry on the Prehistoric Age, we went to Norwich Castle Museum for ‘The Mystery of Pre-History’ event! We worked through some exciting and informative activities: ‘Meet an Archaeologist’, ‘Meet a Bronze Age person’, a trail around the museum and learning about daily life 6000 years ago in the Neolithic Age. … Read more

The Great Year 3 Spelling Bee

We had great fun in the hall with our Spelling Bee! We learned our ‘government’ words really well at home and had to go head-to-head against the other houses to win points for our house!

Science Week 13th-17th March 2017

Our theme for the week was “Change”. We did experiments every day to explore how kitchen ingredients can change their state. Some of our experiments worked well. Others weren’t quite so successful, so we were set a challenge for homework to research and make slime! We also found out about the life and work of … Read more

Romeo and Juliet – play scripts

We have been looking at the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ written by William Shakespeare. We have re-told the story using drama. We made ‘photographs’ of the key scenes. Down with the Montagues! Down with the Capulets!