Year 4

Year 4 Summer 1

Year 4 Spring Term 2018

So far in the Spring term, we have been measuring things with rulers and tape measures, investigating sound and musical instruments, running about doing maths trails using QR codes and iPads, painting like Picasso in his blue period and writing playscripts.

Year 4 Autumn 2017

We have had a very busy half term in year 4! Our Literacy has been based around creating our own imaginary stories. We spent a lot of time in groups designing our imaginary worlds, which really helped develop our story writing process. Children in Need was a great success – the children worked brilliantly together … Read more

Year 4 Autumn Term first half 2017

Year 4 Korfball Tournament

On Friday 23rd June, the Year 4 korfball teams went to the Summer tournament at The Hewett Academy. Everyone behaved well and everyone played well. True to form, Hillside won again and eventually drew in first place to share the shield with Colman. Unfortunately, due to transport difficulties, we could not stay for the presentation … Read more

Year 4 trips to follow the river Glaven

It was a very hot day and it was nice when the water went over your wellies- by accident of course! We learned about the changes in the geography as the river moves from source to sea.

Y4 Making Castles

In DT we have been working hard to design and construct our own castles.

Y4 The Battle of Hastings

During our Normans Enquiry we learnt all about the fight for the thrown between Harald Hardrada, Harold Godwinson and William the Duke of Normandy. In PE we had our own Battle of Hastings between the Normans and the Saxons – luckily the Normans won!

Y4 Norwich Castle Museum Trip

To round off our Celts and Roman Enquiry work we visited Norwich Castle. While we were there we met a Roman Soldier who showed us the equipment and techniques they used for battle. As well as his wife who talked us through some ancient Roman artefacts along with some replicas. We also met some Celtic … Read more

Y4 Science Week 2017

During Science Week Year 4 took part in a number of exciting experiments including: making parachute, lemonade and observing waxes change of state when heated. As well as learning all about the conservation of the Javan rhinos.