Year 5

Year 5 Summer 1

We have had a busy time in Year 5.In Maths we have worked hard making cocktails whilst practising our measuring and proportion skills. We have also learnt about squared and cubed numbers. Learning about Peru has been a highlight, and we tasted avocado, quinoa and Peruvian potatoes. A major project this term has been to … Read more

This half term we have all been busy learning to use our new ipads!

This term, across the school we have been busy exploring and learning how to use the ipads in Years 1-6. The ipads were purchased by the FRIENDS of Hillside Avenue School. We were very excited to use them and now we have become more confident we can’t wait to use them for our learning next … Read more

Year 5 Spring Term 2018

Year 5 have had an extremely active half term: we started with a pizza box! This enquiry led us to explore fractions with a pizza theme. We designed pizzas, ate pizzas and created our own pizza delivery firm. This was followed by science investigations related to materials, their properties and uses. We made towers to … Read more

Year 5 Autumn 2017

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed the now traditional “Cooking around the World” day. First, they were taken on a gastronomic journey of traditional foods from countries as diverse as Peru, China, USA, Bangladesh and India. Children then travelled from country to country, making and tasting traditional foods: Pizzas and pesto twists from Italy, Sausages from Poland, … Read more

Year 5 Autumn Term first half 2017

Year 5 autumn term, so far… The children settled well to a new year and enjoyed a week of Inspirational maths challenges. We began a unit on character description and had great fun recounting various stories in drama and speech for writing. The children hosted a most successful afternoon tea, from which we raised a … Read more

Year 5 Visit to West Stow

West Stow is an original Anglo-Saxon settlement,. After years of careful archaeological excavation, the present day huts are exact copies of of those standing on the site back in 900. The children explored the settlement then spent the afternoon in the museum, handling artefacts and dressing up: a good day was had by all.

Year 5 Borrowers Stories

As this goes to press, Year 5 are writing their own Borrowers stories and making a home for these tiny people.

Year 5 Science Week: The theme was Change

Year 5 conducted a different experiment every day, investigating changing state, sound, shadow length, air pressure, water resistance and chemical reaction- which, again, we shared with our Buddies-, culminating in a visit from the High School Science Bus….What a week!

Year 5 Rainforest Enquiry

We turned our classrooms into a tropical jungle for our Rainforest enquiry and “took” the children to Peru where they tasted traditional foods and became experts on Peruvian tourist sites and traditional crafts. We shared marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Bear stories with our year 1 buddies as part of National Book week.

Year 5 Christmas

Christmas came – year 5 participated in a Cooking round the World day: scones, pizzas and cookies were created (and enjoyed), Christingles, calendars and cards were made and taken home.