Year 6

The Year 6 children have been taking part in the SkillForce programme run by the Prince’s Trust and were delighted to be awarded their Junior Prince’s Award.

The children had to take part in an overnight camp on the school field. This was the first time that anyone had camped on the field so there was huge excitement. Prior to the camp, the children had to practise putting up a tent, making a camp fire and completing various challenges.

The day of the camp arrived and there was a buzz of anticipation amongst the children. They arrived back at school at 6pm and were then given their tents to put up. It would be fair to say that some were more successful than others but thankfully there was not much of a wind that night. There was then the ‘very’ important job of working out where all the sleeping bags and teddy bears were going to go.

After a few games, it was time to get ready for bed and then the highlight of the evening - coming into school in PJs, with torches and sweets, to watch a video. Amazingly, a couple of children fell asleep in the classroom. Thankfully, a first for Hillside.

It was an extremely cold night and we were very impressed with how the children coped. You would have thought that after such a busy evening, the children would have been tired….

We ‘woke’ to a misty morning and some weary children but they did an amazing job of taking down the tents and clearing up. It was certainly an experience having breakfast and watching other children come to school!

All the children should feel really proud of their achievements throughout this programme as we certainly are. Well done Year 6!