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Design Technology


At Hillside Avneue we believe that the children’s learning in Design and Technology prepares them to take part in the development of our rapidly changing world. We believe that the creative thinking they are required to employ in the study of this subject encourages them to make positive changes to their quality of life and encourages them to become confident and efficient problem solvers, both individually and as part of a team. We intend that it will enable them to identify needs and opportunities in the world around them and then respond by developing ideas and making products to meet those needs and to assist in making the most of those opportunities. We see Design and Technology as a ‘hands on’ subject which will combine practical skills with an understanding of the systems, functions and processes involved in the manufacture of a variety of items.

They will learn to reflect on and evaluate past and present designs and gain knowledge of some of the technology involved and some of the related environmental issues. It is expected that they will become discerning and informed consumers and some may be potential innovators of the future.