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Curriculum Plans

Our curriculum is planned around Enquiry questions, which are designed to forge connections between different concepts and subject content. Setting learning in context enables children to build their knowledge of conceptual ideas through exploring and applying these for themselves.

Enquiry themes conclude with authentic events or experiences which give learning an end goal and purpose. Wider curriculum areas are linked in to the Enquiry theme where relevant, to make further connections and enable children to apply their learning within the Enquiry theme.


Our Enquiry Curriculum is creative and knowledge-rich. Every half term, each year group begins with a question for the children to investigate. These questions are based around historical, scientific or geographical concepts. 
Within each enquiry lesson there is a clear focus on the particular subject being taught so the children know when they are working as scientists, historians or geographers within their Enquiry theme.

During each half term, the children gain essential knowledge to be able to answer the Enquiry question and, in addition to this, have the opportunity to develop key learning skills such as team work, evaluating, perseverance and the ability to reflect.


Every year group builds on what has gone before and we believe in there being exciting new things to look forward to in every year of school. The Fundamentals for each year group underpin what takes place in each year group, and describe how our school values are applied and developed as children move through the school. 



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