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Year 6 Residential 2021

It is fantastic to be able to take our Year 6 children on their residential visit in a covid-safe way this week. All the children are excited about the opportunities they will have for new skills, challenges and outdoor learning. 

Each day we will publish a diary and photos here so that you can keep up with what they have been up to.  (Please note this may be very late in the evening each day)

Day 4: Thursday 17th June

We were woken this morning by the sound of the rain drumming on our tents - a surprisingly relaxing sound. The children were rather amused that the canoeing session was going to continue; however, once we had our life jackets and helmets on, we could barely feel the rain. We learnt how to manoeuvre the Canadian canoes before we played various games but the main challenge seemed to be staying in the canoe. Some managed this better than others!

Many children have totally amazed us today with their determination to overcome their fear of heights. They started the week saying that they were not going to do any of the climbing activities and finished the week completing the trapeze, Jacob’s Ladder and the climbing challenge which was a giant wall with a rope ladder followed by a tyre chain then a climbing wall and lastly a net. By the end the children were racing up it!

The problem solving activity was also surprisingly popular and we made the amazing discovery that they were more efficient when they weren’t allowed to talk at all. 

Orienteering was a bit of a struggle in the rain but we found lots of out of the way corners of the campsite and learnt to use a mnemonic to remember a sequence of letters. 

Everybody enjoyed the Giant Swing. It was big and quite swingy. The first part of the swing is actually a scary drop but it is great fun.

After tea we tidied and packed for an early morning and then there was an activity  called Splash! The children were given a water balloon and had to make a protective case for it so that it could survive being dropped from one of the climbing towers. Tougher than it sounds- it seems.

In the morning we will put our luggage in the gym hall and then do the last two activities. After lunch the coaches will arrive and we will set off for home.

Goodbye Caythorpe!

Day 3: Wednesday 16th June

Today has been such a hot day and the children have done amazingly well. There have been lots of climbing activities and so many have been determined to overcome their fear of heights and reach personal goals. We have heard shouts of encouragement and screams of sheer delight. Many children have realised that they can really push themselves beyond their comfort zone and it has been wonderful to witness. Climbing in such hot conditions adds an additional challenge but is rewarded with great views.

The three groups that had their Canadian canoe session this morning really welcomed having a water activity. They learnt some basic skills and then played some games involving games and rubber ducks. The final challenge was putting various body parts in the water until they fell in. When we put all the equipment away, we practised falling in …. backwards! We all had a great time.

This evening’s activity was a giant game of Cluedo that has required the children to solve a mystery kidnapping at Caythorpe Court.

 Hopefully, they will all sleep well tonight!

Our brilliantly brave backwards dives!

Still image for this video

Day 2: Tuesday 15th June

Tuesday began bright and early. A hearty breakfast set us up for a busy day of five activities. We have built buggies and raced each other. We have done archery and rifle shooting. The children have impressed us and the activity leaders with their co-operative skills, listening and determination to succeed. A popular activity was Survivor and many were thrilled to light a fire using flint.

A triumph for many was the climbing wall. Initial hesitation was soon replaced with beaming smiles and shaky knees as many made it to the top of the wall to ring the bell!

The day was topped off with a traditional campfire where we learnt some crazy songs, laughed a lot and ate toasted marshmallows.

Bedtime followed for a lot of weary children.

Day 1: Monday 14th June

After a long and warm journey, Year 6 arrived safely and excitedly at the site. We were greeted by our two leaders, Beth and Ollie, who helped us unpack and settle in our tents. We had a site tour so that we knew where everything was and learnt our first “repeat after me” song.

We played a few games outside the tents before we ate a delicious tea. Once we had finished and tidied up, the leaders explained the evening activity which was, ‘Passport to the World.’ It certainly had us running around the site, working in teams and learning about different countries and their flags.

The children then got ready for bed and settled down for their first night under canvas, as the sun set peacefully over the campsite! 

Ready to go!

Luggage all packed, smiles and waves as we set off. Lots of excitement!


Thank you so much to all parents for having the children so well organised and ready, and a huge thank you in advance to the school staff devoting their week to looking after everyone 24 hours a day, and making this a great experience for the children.