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Year 4

This term we have been making animations about folk tales on the computers, making musical instruments at home and building cities following our enquiry based on The Journey” story. We also used to edit pictures of our faces.

Year 4 Science

Year 4 have been learning about the human digestive system. We explored how our food is digested and how the waste turns into poo!

Year 4 Maths

We have enjoyed playing a variety of maths games using different manipulatives.

Amongst other things Year 4 have been trying to depict water using a variety of media.

We have also done some statistics using packets of fruit pastilles. We sorted and counted the colours and tried to work out what was likely to be in the unopened packet. Unfortunately no one guessed correctly and won the fruit pastilles so the teachers had to eat the entire mystery packet themselves.

Science week arrived in the middle of our Romans Enquiry so we tried out some science the Romans would have known.

We dyed some cloth using vegetables- spinach made green, turmeric made yellow and orange when you added bicarbonate of soda, red cabbage made purple which became blue with bicarb and red with vinegar- a pretty smelly business.

We tried out wax tablets for writing on and watched as wax melted and then solidified.

We extracted salt crystals from salty water by evaporating the water off.

AND we had a visit from a Roman time traveller- Lucius Maximus (Nigel Amies)- who brought loads of artefacts and knowledge which he shared with both classes. He also made them march a bit.

This half term we have been focusing on measurement in Maths and on Sound in Enquiry. The children followed a QR code trail which practised measuring area and perimeter and running about outside with the iPads. In Sound we have made instruments for homework and in class made paper bangers and straw oboes. Essentially, we have done lots of noisy running about.