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Writing is a major part of the curriculum and makes a significant contribution to the development of children as thinkers and learners. Writing involves a set of complex skills that children learn through structured teaching and practice.

Throughout the school we use a variety of carefully-selected texts which progress in complexity and style; teaching of writing for different purposes is structured around these texts so that children learn to describe, narrate, explain, instruct, use information and formulate viewpoints and arguments in writing. Where possible, we link chosen texts to cross-curricular enquiries.

Grammar, spelling and handwriting are important technical skills, which are developed through specifically taught lessons and applied during the children’s writing. In KS1, spelling is taught to build on the children's learning in phonics. In lower KS2, Jane Considine's Write Stuff forms the basis for teaching different purposes for writing, giving a scaffold and helping children learn how to structure their writing. In upper KS2, we move away from structured scaffolds to enable children to develop their own writing with independence and confidence. They apply grammar and stylistic features in a variety of ways in order to engage the reader, leading to our children becoming successful writers.