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Home Learning


Remote Learning during National Lockdown

January 2021


Providing a broad and balanced curriculum to enable everyone to flourish continues to be our aim during this period of partial school opening and remote learning provision.

Beginning on Tuesday 5th January 2021, we provided places in school for children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils, along with full on-line provision for all pupils.


Our in-school provision is staffed by teachers and teaching assistants; each member of staff works on-site for half the day so that the remaining time can be devoted to our online remote learning provision.


Each day, there is a minimum of three lessons provided online. For children in Nursery and Reception, this is through the Tapestry portal and for children in Year 1 to Year 6, this is via google Classroom. Both these platforms are described below. 


Additional enrichment activities and events are also provided each day, including for example online assemblies, PE and movement, music, house challenges and storytimes.


Thanks ... for all you are doing, and continue to do, for us all.  

We continue to work on other wider areas of learning during the lockdown - our infant children are  taking part in the First Lego League 'Six-Brick' challenges, and our Year 5 and Year 6 children are  pursuing work linked to KED-inspired schooling, where they are working on presentations and  personal targets linked to life aspirations, futures and making a difference - supported by  online coaching with their teachers.


We are grateful for the incredible support for learning we see day in day out from our parents and  community. Having a weekly take-up of 97% across the school shows the

superb commitment and support from our families. This is one message of thanks from a parent this January:


A simple 'thank you' doesn’t seem enough to show our gratitude for all you have done through these very difficult months. I can only imagine what it has been like behind the scenes and I’m sure not a single one of you has had a proper break for what must seem like forever.

So please, accept our simple word of thanks but know that it comes from our hearts when we think of all you are doing, and continue to do, for us all.

Keep those smiles going, we look forward to seeing them again when the time is right.


From 25th January onwards, we are hosting weekly live sessions online during which teachers can meet up with all their class. These are securely hosted via Meet within google Classroom.



We all have the potential for learning throughout every day and right through our lives, not just in school lessons.

Our provision for Home Learning helps make links with our families and enables children to reinforce and extend their learning outside of school. 


We use a combination of physical resources and technology links to keep parents informed about learning in school and enable them to get involved in understanding and supporting children's learning.



Throughout a child's time in Nursery and Reception, the online Tapestry system provides a two-way portal for information sharing, where photos and videos of learning in school and at home can be easily shared.  In Reception, suggestions of home learning activities are displayed on the notice board in the entrance for parents to do with their children. Later in the year sounds are sent home to practise and also reading books.





In Key Stage 1 reading books are sent home and children are encouraged to read daily. Words are also given to children regularly to learn to recognise. Class Dojo provides an online portal for communication between home and school, along with children being able to use Google Classroom for some tasks as children get older. As well as reading, Home Learning activities often include maths, enquiry research and fun mini-projects. 






In Key Stage 2 children are also encouraged to read daily at home and this is recorded in an online reading log. In addition, more formal homework activities are set using Google Classroom. These are usually Maths and English activities and may also involve research into other areas of the curriculum or projects to do. Work can be completed online within Google Classroom or photos of Home Learning tasks uploaded when finished.



Our use of Google Classroom began early in 2020 as the covid-19 situation was emerging. ITV Anglia News visited our school in March 2020 to find out how we were planning to use online learning in lockdown. The success of Google Classroom through the lockdown was something we chose to build on by continuing its use as a valuable Home Learning platform going forward.

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