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We want our children to leave Hillside Avenue with an understanding of People, Place and Society.

The Geography curriculum will inspire our children to become global citizens by exploring their own place in the world, learning respect for the environment and developing a social awareness of settlement and culture.

They will ask questions and persevere to find answers, and they will be able to honestly explain their answers.

They will build a confidence of spacial awareness of continents, countries, cities and landmarks in relation to one another. The children will learn about these close to home before they begin to think about and explore on a global scale.

Geography lessons will generate a sense of awe and wonder as the children learn to appreciate diversity, build positive relationships and share values. They will develop their tolerance with an awareness of the impact of humans and the weather on our planet.

They will begin to make sense of a dynamically changing world. The children will be given opportunities to think about their own responsibilities to other people, the environment and the sustainability of the planet.