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Y5 Residential Visit 2023

Day 1


Everyone arrived safe and sound, had a snack and a good look around the site before getting organised in the dorms, having lunch and heading off for the first adventure activities.

Dorms all organised and beds made....

A hearty lunch in the dining hall, before setting off on activity.

The 'pioneering' activity, which required cooperation and thinking skills as well as learning structural techniques, and, most importantly, how to secure and knot the poles with ropes. Great work in all the teams! 

Breaktime - a chance for a short rest and a sing together - and great to see children taking on teamwork in other ways, not just on the activities!

Canoeing - great teamwork and coordination to navigate the river, paddle upstream and play some games before returning to base. A favourite activity!

Shelter building - imagining an incoming storm, the children needed to work together to design and construct a weatherproof shelter in the woods. They were proud of their designs, and made sure there was room inside for everyone in the team!

Evening meal - welcome replenishment of energy after busy activities!

Day 2

In the 'initiative test', teams need to compete against each other to complete physical challenges - moving a heavy object without touching it, traversing a damp field, and solving 'hanoi towers' style puzzles with tyres and poles. 

The climbing wall is very high and required a good deal of physical strength, agility and resilience to reach the top - especially in chilly, damp weather. Great support from one another to encourage each other and provide the belay from below.

Learning to light a fire during the bushcraft session. First, suitable dry firewood of different sizes was gathered, then a firepit cleared out and prepared. The wood collected was laid out in a hashtag # shape, before lighting it with flint and steels. Another rewarding activity, patience and perseverance paying off!

Day 3

More 'pioneering' as groups work together to create a strong log structure which can hold the whole team off the ground...

High-up thrills and spills with the crate stacking challenge - children have been working with a partner, to see how high they can stack and climb before everything topples and they return to ground in their safety harness. 

Zipwire excitement - zooming across the woodland valley on a high-speed zipline.... Children quickly learned how to operate the safety lines and equipment for this thrilling ride.  

Time to say goodbye to Hautbois and head back to school. A wonderful three days, battling against wet weather on day 2, but making the most of every opportunity and learning so many new skills. Well done everyone!