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Ofsted school inspection


We are delighted to have been awarded an Ofsted grading of ‘Good’ in all areas here at Hillside Avenue Primary and Nursery School in our Full Inspection report published on 14th November 2022.


The 2-day graded Ofsted inspection took place at the end of September 2022, during which three inspectors explored all aspects of the school, curriculum, leadership, school life, learning and culture.


Inspectors were able to observe that “pupils enjoy learning”, that they learn well right from the start and through school, and they are “well behaved, polite, and work hard.”

During the inspection, pupils spoke confidently with the inspectors and shared the pride they have in their school and the responsibilities they have.


The inspectors were able to experience the positive culture at Hillside Avenue Primary and Nursery, with the school’s emphasis on being “physically active” in learning and play, and a curriculum which “helps pupils to enhance their mental health.”


 Pupils enjoy learning... there are high expectations for them to work hard, and they do.

Hillside Avenue’s strength in music was observed and recognised by the inspection team, along with the carefully planned wider opportunities the school provides which “enhance pupils’ personal development” as well as their academic learning. 

Other aspects of the school’s work highlighted by the inspection team include the priority given to reading, that pupils with SEND are supported well, that safeguarding records are “highly comprehensive” and staff are skilled at identifying risks that pupils may face.


At Hillside Avenue, we strive for ‘everyone to be the best they can be’ and this includes staff and children. We recognise the importance of the primary school years and want children's experience at our school to be memorable and enjoyable as well as successful. As headteacher, I am really pleased with the Ofsted inspectors’ recognition of the skilled staff we have at Hillside Avenue and the high expectations we have. The inspectors, through observing lessons and talking with children, saw how our children enjoy learning, are happy, well behaved and take pride in the responsibilities they have. I would like to thank all our staff and everyone in our school community and the wider Trust for their contribution to the positive culture of the school. The Ofsted report is a strong reflection of the hard work and commitment that goes into our school.”  - Mr Phoenix


Chair of the Local Governing Board, The Revd James Stewart comments: 'Hillside Avenue Primary School is a treasured part of our community life here in Thorpe St Andrew. It was a pleasure to share this with the inspection team, so that they could see that this truly is a school where all pupils flourish in their learning and wider development from early years through to when they leave for secondary school. The Headteacher and Staff can be rightly proud of the completed report.' 


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