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At Hillside Avenue we encourage a passion and commitment to a diverse range of musical activities throughout the school with all children engaged across the age ranges. Music gives our children opportunities to perform and create music together, with a widening repertoire of music from various genres and styles through time and space. Encouraging children to create their own original compositions helps our pupils to develop their imagination and originality, which in turn builds their confidence to improvise with greater knowledge and aural perception. Music also encourages the development of technical skills and control of sound in areas like the ukulele, recorder and keyboard whilst internalising musical patterns and concepts in their performances. Music allows our children to listen in a focused way, in order to appraise what is heard in a positive and constructive way, in order to improve their own musical performances. It also provides our children with fun, positive and uplifting experiences where a culture of well-being, and a respect and tolerance of others is enhanced as they play and listen together.