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What is the purpose of our curriculum?

Our curriculum is driven by our school’s vision and aims so that children can grow to be the best they can be. Children are encouraged to challenge themselves to become successful learners and develop key skills for lifelong learning. Our curriculum enables children to learn about and engage with the world around them in order to become responsible citizens.


We aim for each child's 'journey' through our school to be enjoyable and exciting, with new challenges to look forward to in every year. Our programme of challenges and opportunities builds up through school,

for example from the local trips and visits arranged

in the early years through to increasingly challenging residential visits for our older pupils. Our aim is to enable children to develop in character, confidence and independence through the wider opportunities we offer to all.

In curriculum learning, as children progress through school, conceptual knowledge is built up in each curriculum subject, so that as well as making links through Enquiry learning, children deepen their understanding within each of the different curriculum areas.

.. children develop in character, confidence and independence through wider opportunities






Learning Journey through 

Hillside Avenue Primary and 

Nursery School