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Hillside Houses

Information about the Houses

The children at Hillside are organised into four Houses:

  • Pandas
  • Snow Leopards
  • Wolves
  • Penguins

Every half term, there are three challenges: a whole school challenge, a team challenge and an individual challenge. This provides the children with lots of different ways of getting involved.

We have had some amazing challenges such as:

  • whole school Zumba
  • whole school GoNoodle
  • whole school cross country
  • making House banners for the hall
  • our Hillside cookbook
  • creating and developing our House gardens
  • writing challenges
  • art challenges
  • using GarageBand in teams
  • musical composition
  • Quiz and chocolate (a favourite!)
  • scavenger hunt using the IPads
  • team problem solving
  • recycling

The Houses are also used for PE lessons, sports days and any other situation when children need to be put into teams. The children really benefit from working alongside children from other year groups and it is lovely to watch the interaction and healthy competition.

The children can also earn House points in all areas of school life such as for thoughtful behaviour, persistent effort or improved work. The current total of House points is revealed half termly.

An integral part of the House system is the role of the House captains. These are specially selected year 6 children who help run House events, collect the House points and help at school events such as the Open evenings. They certainly enjoy and benefit from the additional responsibility and we are very proud of them.

The Hillside House system represents, and indeed fosters, many of the values that we believe are important: confidence, tolerance, kindness, respect, wellbeing, perseverance and independence

Hillside Houses

At Hillside we believe it is important that pupils feel part of a whole school community.

To create pride in our school and a sense of belonging we have the Hillside House system in place.

Each pupil belongs to one of the four houses Pandas, Snow Leopards, Penguins or Wolves, which are led by House Captains from Year 6.

Every half term there is a House Assembly where the pupils come together in their Houses and new House Challenges are set. There are three different types of challenges which cover whole house, team and individual activities for which pupils can earn House Points for their team.