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Anti-bullying week 2021

Children were excited to come to school in odd socks to launch the start of our Anti-bullying Week 2021. The socks were symbolic of our differences, different strengths, interests and needs, and also of the idea of doing new acts of kindness.

In our launch assembly on Monday, we looked at what is meant by bullying - in particular that this may be something quiet, subtle, online or in person, and therefore can be harder to spot or report than more 'obvious' behaviours. We considered the importance of thinking about bullying as a behaviour rather than trying to identify anyone as 'a bully' because we can all be affected by or be tempted to be drawn into bullying-type behaviours at times. Our definition of bullying is Several Times On Purpose STOP. These are the behaviours that must stop.

We considered ways we can all help to prevent or stop bullying: reporting worries, things seen or overheard, our own concerns, and looking out for those who may be quieter or sometimes left out. 

We launched our new Worry Boxes for every class, which have two purposes - a place to 'put' our worries which eases the mental burden of worry, and a place where concerns will be noted and dealt with. 

In the coming week and onwards we will continue to think further about bullying in our PSHCE lessons and in classes. Being open and able to talk about bullying is vital in preventing it taking place.