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Author Julia Edwards visits

We were delighted to welcome author Julia Edwards to speak to Key Stage 2 children about her books in the Scar Gatherer series. Julia gave a fascinating overview of British history linked to each of the 7 titles in her book series, read an excerpt from her first book, and answered children’s questions. She explained how she got her initial idea for time-travel from her own memories visiting places as a child, when she used to imagine what life would have been like for those in the castle or palace she was visiting.

When asked about what makes a good writer, as well as imagination, creativity and research, Julia told us that perseverance is the most important characteristic.

Some children have been busy writing thier own fiction books, and asked Julia for advice on what to write next. She replied “Think of the ending of the story you’ve written. What is there in that which could give you a clue to start your next story?” Asked about ideas, Julia replied “Think of your favourite thing, for example a time in history, that you know a lot about. Then make up a story about that.”

The children were captivated by Julia’s presentation and many bought her signed books afterwards. Children on our school Reading Forum have asked that we get a set for the school library too.


Please click here to listen to the Audio file from Author Julie Edwards visit